Writing was like a fire that grew and grew inside me along with age. I got acquainted with the world of words when I was pretty young. I liked the language. I liked the power it had over people if used in the right manner. I also realized it had the power to land you in the deepest of troubles. What if I could control it? One cannot hope to learn the tactics of a game without playing it. Such is life and such is nature. I embarked on a journey I have yet only begun.

I am working as a Project Manager with a Silicon Valley based multinational located in Hyderabad, my city of dreams. I love the city and I love it’s people. I love to write and there have been countless notes and verses I have been writing since I went to school to now. After three years, I am finally finished with my first book, just the way I planned. A wonderful journey of a character based on several qualities of the beautiful people I encountered there. Those were by far the best days I had spent till now. It was my thought then that my first story, about this, will be like a message to everyone who reads – a message of enlightenment. My goal, my objective and my pick of genre to tread along on this path is this. The shroud of politics and how our nation is corrupted by it.

Apart from writing, I am an avid reader, obviously. I also love computer gaming – DOTA 2 being a favorite. Also Assassin’s Creed. I am an absolute fan of Linkin Park and Metallica. Football is what I have recently acquired a taste of – my favorites being Liverpool FC and FC Barcelona. Messi fan!!! I am also trying photography as a hobby combined with travelling, though there is much to be done in the travelling part. But soon!! I hope you all love my first book and also the ones upcoming. Watch out, I am planning free stories for people to read here soon.

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