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We are all actors on the stage of life, and we tend to assume multiple roles as we play our part in this grand act. I would, thus, take the opportunity to introduce myself – step by step, as there is lots to tell and the patience of my readers to read through all of it – uncertain!

I am a project management professional working in a US-based multinational located in Hyderabad, India. I was born in Anaparthy, a bustling town in the east Godavari district of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Before I could grow up and call that place as my hometown, my parents decided to move far up north when I was 3 months old, in the city if Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad was a growing suburban city to the national capital of New Delhi when I moved, and it grew along with me to become an economically crucial part of the National Capital Region (NCR).

My schooling took place here at Holy Trinity Church School, an ICSE missionary school which is one of the primary factors why I am like this today. I took a keen interest in books from a very young age and also, in speech competitions, extempore etc. Recognizing my interest in this, my school principal herself along with several other teachers supported my habit and allowed me to read novels which probably no other student was allowed to. This reading habit culminated into me writing poems and short stories, with me writing my first ever short story, titled ‘Avionix’, a story about two kingdoms of birds fighting for domination. I continued my voracious appetite for literature and composed my first book to be, Four Bullets And A Notebook, when I was in Alahabad for my graduation in Biotechnology.

The work was to take longer than I had initially thought and I moved to Bangalore after my graduation to pursue MBA as I was practically convinced that there was a bleak future in the field of Biotechnology in India. After my MBA finished, I joined my first job and began accumulating the pieces of my story in Allahabad. My first book was finally published in September 2016 last year, after I was done putting all the pieces together inspired from my experiences in Allahabad.

Somewhere in the middle of my graduation, I picked up the hobby of playing the guitar and I must admit, I need practice! Photography and travelling also formed a part of my extra-curricular activities after I finished my MBA and joined a job.

All of these still continue to be my hobbies.

My aspiration is to be a renowned author, but not to put my dreams into words on my own blog would be an insult to myself! My dream, or my ultimate ambition in life, is to win the Nobel Prize for my contributions to the field of literature.

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