The biggest comedy of errors

The biggest comedy of errors.

The friendliest of people are also the most unexpected.
The loveliest of beings is also a sweet devil at times.
Not because the emotional pain is unbearable,
but also since pain could also feel sweet, in time.

The angriest of beings often seek the most of your love.
The dearest of relations could suddenly become far out of reach.
The most distant love and warmth sought after, is often right next to you.
The most superior of beings, fall prey to something that can’t even be seen naked.

The most philosophical of thinkings at once becomes so strikingly clear.
The foggiest of memories become as visible as life.
The darkest of corners in your heart and mind,
get illuminated by the brightest lights of wisdom.
The kindest of hearts become as charred as coal.

Life is a comedy of errors, but ironically the errors are meant to teach us.
While playing coy with nature, they both conspire.
In the most brutal yet logical and straightforward ways, to evolve they help us.
Beyond the boundaries of society and civilization – where our souls, pure emotions guide.

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