Death, the ultimate forgiveness

We are humans, and as such, we quarrel, fight and argue with each other. We also develop grudges against each other, not realizing life is too short for that.

Despite that, many people continue to hold their grudges against someone who’s dead. Never understood the logic. There’s nothing you could do to hurt that person anymore, for he’s away from all the worldly affairs, at peace.

And the only one left with the grudge, and the subsequent guilt – is you. So you can never be at peace. We forgive the departed souls, and wish them peace, for they have met the might of time and fate, and they will wait for you with a smile on their face, when you meet yours.

Some people, who still hold grudges against the dead, and stoke their pride with selfish feelings – there is no one who’s a bigger fool in the world, than them.

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