The biggest comedy of errors

The biggest comedy of errors. The friendliest of people are also the most unexpected.The loveliest of beings is also a sweet devil at times.Not because the emotional pain is unbearable,but also since pain could also feel sweet, in time. The angriest of beings often seek the most of your love.The dearest of relations could suddenly... Continue Reading →

Alone you stand

Alone you stand. Strong, brave and proud. We all have friends, relationships and social circles. But only during the most stressful of times do we realize the strength of each of those bonds. Some bonds are for the sake of formality, they come, they talk and they go. Others, unexpectedly, come forward themselves and lend... Continue Reading →

Death, the ultimate forgiveness

We are humans, and as such, we quarrel, fight and argue with each other. We also develop grudges against each other, not realizing life is too short for that. Despite that, many people continue to hold their grudges against someone who's dead. Never understood the logic. There's nothing you could do to hurt that person... Continue Reading →

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