Mysterious love

Why do we call it Honour Killing? The term itself has ‘honor’ in it. Maybe it misleads people to think it’s still honorific, but they choose to ignore the horrendous act of taking someone’s life associated with it.

It’s needless to say how terrible a crime it would be to kill two young beings, who are simply bound by love, in the name of bringing honor to your family.

Would it still be honorific, if the world sees you as a heartless monster who choked the life of two innocent souls? Would it still be honorific as your family’s name is dragged through the mud of law and justice being served? Would it still be horrific as you recite this sordid tale of your madness to your grandchildren, and they look at you with disgust?

Let’s not give the wrong kind of appeal to this ghastly and sad attempt to save one’s face, and call it Dishonour Killing.

May the souls of the young couple in love who were murdered by the ones close to them, rest in peace – united in eternity.

To the sad assassination of a young couple in Haryana, a tragic loss in the name of saving family honor by killing young love.

When will we begin to see? Love knows no boundaries.

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