A letter to Success

Dear Success,

I hope this email finds you in good health. It has been long since we have met each other. I still remember when we were together the last time, we had a lot of differences but we managed to stick together, but fate and time had other plans for the both of us and we had to part our ways temporarily. Do not worry though, is what I would like to advise you, for these few years have taught me lot many things and one of the most important things I have come to realize is how to find you again.

Remember the time when we were preparing for my first interview? Those were tough times as we had no experience and still, I managed to clear it in the first shot, all thanks to your dedication in motivating me. I never joined though, which is why maybe you got angry and stopped talking for a couple of months. But I always knew you cannot resist me, and will sooner or later meet me. It’s a small world, you see. Because we met again after that, when I was in Bangalore working the night shifts. Those were happy moments as we could roam around during the nights through the business park, chatting our way and making plans for the future to come.

But who knew that the world wasn’t ready for us both? Who was aware of the both of us that we would be facing the day when nothing is certain, including our fates? It was a tough time when I lost that job although it was due to my own follies, something I realized much later. I know you were trying to make me understand all of that before it was too late. Alas, if I were only a little wiser back then. But that’s the purpose of life after all, isn’t it? To teach us what we must know one way or the other. I still remember the day when I disclosed this news to you and you stormed out of my room, angry and furious, swearing never to come back again.

So let me tell you this, even though we are far apart for the moment, I know we both long for each other. You didn’t get it yet, did you? We are made for each other and no matter how many differences we might have between us, we are united in our destinies. I am aware of my destiny, which is to reach you. Like I said, these past few months have taught me a lot and I now know the purpose of all that happened to me. It was to prepare me and this world, for my time has come and I will find you again, soon.

You will not miss me for long. Till then, good luck.

Ever yours,

Avinash Rao


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