Making America great, again – Trump’s propaganda for racism?

How do you make a country great? By reinforcing its strengths and eradicating its weaknesses. But to do this, first one needs to completely understand the situation of the country at the ground level, level zero. It is from this level zero that all progressive actions need to begin from. Until and unless the solution is implemented and changes happen towards the positive from the roots, no visible and appreciable change could happen to any country, anywhere in the world. Hence, it is certain that change should occur at the bottom-most level, if it happens at all. Firstly, it must come to the notice of the people and someone amongst these people should come up and suggest, implement and push the idea for the proposed development.

Most of the problems in any society across the globe are common problems related to distribution of services, implementation and execution of schemes or redressal of public grievances. Such problems are understood to be known to some extent by every responsible citizen residing or belonging to a specific country. But is someone who is brought up in a well-off, well-to-do family right from the start, expected to be aware of such issues that are prevalent in the society and one that affects multiple people? Not exactly. Someone who is brought up amidst the luxury and riches of the superclass will rarely hear of such issues, leave aside being affected by them. So, if the problem isn’t completely known and understood by such people, is it justified to hand them the governance of a country with such matters widely prevalent in the society?

But more than that, a great country would mean it is better than the others, or most of the other countries. This would mean it is in a better condition militarily, financially, politically and in all other relevant aspects. Which mean instead of denying cooperation and bullying other countries, it should invest time, money and effort to help bring the underdeveloped countries at par or at least, improve them as far as it could. This would also include welcoming refugees from other war-torn countries and giving them shelter, food and a better future in treating them as equals without racial discriminations. But if the so called leader who is elected to solve the problems of the country, half of them he himself has never heard or has been affected by any of them in the past, he himself declares a law preventing everyone else who belongs to such crisis-affected countries from not entering this so called ‘great’ country, is this justified and is this leader liable to be given the honor of being one?

Welcome Donald Trump, the man who promises to make America great again. I want to ask how he proposes to do that? By denying help to millions of refugees who have been forced to move out of their homes because of a civil war that is a part of American propaganda to have control over the Middle East region? Or by imposing economic sanctions on a country who doesn’t listen to what Trump has to say in order to resolve a dispute that isn’t even remotely related or linked to the US. I guess his idea is to promote the feeling of ‘Us’ and ‘we’ amongst the Americans, so they are overwhelmed by this nationalist sentiment, that combined with the propaganda news of the American media will tell all its people how citizens of other countries eat into their economy by migrating and settling in the US, stealing their jobs and eating off their monthly wages, which will promulgate feelings of racial hatred amongst them, and which will eventually lead to more shootings of Indians and citizens of other nations living in the US, like the recent incident involving the homicide of late Mr. Srinivas Kuchibhotla.

Still, we Indians are crazy of going to the US and still, Trump is the elected president of the US.

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