Save the animals, Humans are all good

We as humans, feel the responsibility of protecting those species that are more vulnerable compared to us and also, those who don’t get enough chances and instances of using their survival skills to make their way in nature just like every other living being. Hence, it is natural for us to assume leadership when it comes down to species level as we are the most advanced species, meant to dominate the Earth and the ecosystem. And thanks to people like Maneka Gandhi, we now have various centers where abandoned animals in peril are rescued and given a better way of life.

This is ethical as well as important. Ethical as it becomes our duty as the superior species to help others sharing this globe with us. Important as they are creations of nature and each part of their body is a part of all life that was created at the beginning of time, just like ours. So when they are creations of nature, doesn’t that make us the same as well? When each tissue, each cell, each molecule and atom in their body is used to re-create other life forms after their death and decomposition – this makes them completely similar to us in every way. The only difference lies in the way our brain developed to enable us to speak, communicate, think, design and create new things. This is the ability that has led us to become the dominant species on planet Earth.

Now that it is clear that there exists no bias between the chemical and biological makeup between us and other life forms, isn’t it only logical that there should be no bias betwen various humans, that all humans are equal? I know many people would agree and nodding their heads by now in acceptance, but let me ask you all this – when you see a dying or hurt human lying on the road, would you do the same for that human like you would do for a wounded dog or a cat? With the same intensity? With the same and exact amount of care and affection? If your answer is no, welcome to the league. If yes, then you are lying. None of us feel so much for other fellow humans like we do for animals. Saving and helping animals is our duty and is completely right, no doubts about that. But helping and saving humans is also equally humane and crucial. So instead of making all the cry about saving animals, let’s do the same for humans. let us begin with our own species and if we are successful in it, then we can say that we are fit to save those other species who tread the same planet as we do.

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