Of money and other small things

India might be a cheap country when it comes to foreigners as the dollar, the pound or the euro have better economic power over the rupee. But that rosy picture is available only to those foreign tourists and visitors. For anybody who was born and brought up here in India, ask them how the real picture is when it comes down to money. You get to see the greed in the eyes of the people as well as the disgust some have developed for the money, the same money that turns humans into monsters and someties, into angels too.

There was one good thing that happened recently which I guess taught a lot of things to us Indians – Demonetisation. It not only brought the 1.7 billion odd Indians face-to face with the reality of online and digital transactions in the world today, it also showed us that the less money you have, the less you are bothered or affected by such decisions taken by the government. For the first time in so many years, Indians relaized the peace and tranquility associated with having money that is required only and nothing in excess. The joy in having money that is enough for our needs and not more was reflected in those faces who could manage to get cash early during the day from the bank and go back home, only to never spend that money in the coming days.

But nevertheless, the decision had widespread impact and given the fact that most of the Indian population is illiterate, there were several hardships that the rural populace had to face and suffer. But this forced them to see the digital face of the new India and now they know that this was a chance for them all to jump into the cashless bandwagon and also, get better acquainted with using cards for cash. Those who were affected and survived, they are like warriors who got washed out during the first war and now is their chance for redemption. They have realized its better to have money only that we require and to change with the times and embrace technology as a much needed friend.

Overall, it taught us many things. Demonetisation, all about money and other small things.

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