Making America great, again – Trump’s propaganda for racism?

How do you make a country great? By reinforcing its strengths and eradicating its weaknesses. But to do this, first one needs to completely understand the situation of the country at the ground level, level zero. It is from this level zero that all progressive actions need to begin from. Until and unless the solution... Continue Reading →

Save the animals, Humans are all good

We as humans, feel the responsibility of protecting those species that are more vulnerable compared to us and also, those who don’t get enough chances and instances of using their survival skills to make their way in nature just like every other living being. Hence, it is natural for us to assume leadership when it... Continue Reading →

Of money and other small things

India might be a cheap country when it comes to foreigners as the dollar, the pound or the euro have better economic power over the rupee. But that rosy picture is available only to those foreign tourists and visitors. For anybody who was born and brought up here in India, ask them how the real... Continue Reading →

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