The Story Of A Monster

I saw you in a dream, that happened long before our time

The moment was magical, I wished if you could be mine.

Fate smiled on me, thought of playing a game.

We had moments together, my heartbeat was your name.


But maybe it wasn’t the real wish, or Fate had a friend.

I stumbled in our love, I got back. But the damage was done.

Pain found my tender heart and stupidity blinded my thoughts.

I was defeated, you were lost. Fate, had won.


Soul shattered, heart barren, like there was a catastrophe.

Nothing remained inside, but hope found it’s way into me.

Hope, not that you will be back. Hope, that love still exists.

I became alive again, somehow, I returned from the abyss.


Now I stand before you, my heart on its knees.

But you refuse to let me in. For you, I am not the one I used to be.

It is only one thing I want, something that humanity craves

Love, from you, is what i seek.


I have become my own enemy, something unheard of before.

I walk towards you only to move away again, sadly.

My mind is a cage, with me and myself fighting forever.

This is the story, story of the monster, in me.





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