Four Bullets and a Notebook

Every writer goes through a phase of baptism. The baptism is not by fire, water, air or earth. The four basic elements of life do not affect the writer who has set himself on a path that leads to his destiny.  A writer is baptised with the words he or she writes. These words emerge from the deepest depths of the writer’s mind and it takes a while for the baptism to take its form. By the time the purification is complete, the writer would have completed his or her first creation ever, the writer’s first book. It is an achievement, no doubt, for creating an entire story spanning a couple of hundred pages is not an easy task, especially wen the objective of writing that book is to entertain and please the reader the book is intended for. But the first book is always more than that, it is the light the writer uses as he or she treads on the path chosen for self, deep into the bosom of literature and writing.

Four Bullets and a Notebook is my first ever book that took two years to complete and another six months to publish it. It is the story of Arth, a young boy from a south Indian family who was bred in Uttar Pradesh. It is the story of how Arth, upon receiving the good news that he is to go to Allahabad for college away from his home to be free, eventually goes and finds out that the joyful college life he dreamt of was nothing but a mere myth as in Allahabad, nothing happens in college without a motive. He finds a student’s life embroiled in politics, deceit, betrayal and greed. What must he do? Should he give in to all this and carry on like all of the others? Should he become a part of the system and be the same heartless, ruthless goon that he used to see around him? He decides to change it all by becoming a part of it, from the inside. How would he do it? What dangers would he face? Would he be successful? Most importantly, would he be alive at the end of all this?

Four Bullets and a Notebook_cover1_Rev2.indd

Find out more on the official page – Four Bullets and a Notebook (

Get along with Arth and discover the journey with him. Out on shelves soon!!!!

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